Should we blame destiny for everything?

Should we blame destiny for everything?It is certainly true that the giving of life and taking it away are actions that take place only by God's will. It is He alone who originates life, takes it away and brings it back. It is He who created the first human being and devised the system of [...]

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Are we surrounded by ghosts

Are there ghosts or evil spirits hovering over our heads? Can they cause us harm at will?Ghosts are an invention of the human imagination. They have no substance, and they do not have anything to do with us. They simply do not exist. God has given us some information about the jinn, a type of [...]

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Do we need miracles in our modern world?

Whether we need miracles these days or not depends on what miracles are for. What is it that makes it necessary for Allah to show people a miracle? It may be suggested that when people do see a miracle, they are more likely to believe in Allah and worship Him, as He should be worshipped. [...]

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