Using modern devices for educational purposes in mosques, is it permissible?

We are Muslims living in the USA. The mosque's administration has recently fixed screens in the main prayer hall to play videos on charity, mosque expansions, da'wah tutorials along with melodious nasheeds. The videos are screened right before or after obligatory prayers' timings so everyone can benefit from them. Is this permissible inside the mosque? [...]

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The obligation to make up missed prayers

What is the ruling for missing obligatory prayers for some time in life without a valid excuse? Is it an obligation to make up the missed obligatory prayers whenever the person realizes that he had committed a sin by neglecting them on purpose?Establishing prayers or (Iqamat al-Salat) is the second most important pillar of Islam [...]

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Using an electronic device to monitor prayer movements

We have developed a new product called Sajda Recorder. It is an electronic device that displays on its screen the number of rak’as and prostrations to help those who get confused or forget during prayers. Is it permissible to use it?Yes, it is permissible to use this electronic device. This was precedent in the early [...]

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Neglecting religious duties out of laziness

I am too lazy to observe acts of worship and feel bad about it, what should I do? Laziness can be the outcome of many bad habits you follow in your daily life. The first thing you must do to overcome this problem is to develop and cultivate tawqa (mindfulness of God the Almighty). The [...]

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