God is not in something, on something or from something

Imam Ja’far as-Sadiq said: "He who claims that Allah is in something or on something or from something, commits ash-shirk (polytheism). Because if He was in something, He would be contained, and if He was on something, He would be carried, and if He was from something, He would be a creature." Is this an authentic report?

This non-Prophetic tradition [Ar.Athar] was reported through imam Ja’far al-Sadiq son of imam Muhammad al-Baqir son of imam Ali Zain al-Abdeen son of imam Abu Abd Allah al-Hussein (peace be upon all of them). It is defiantly an authentic statement.
• The erudite scholars of Sunnah [orthodox Islam] mentioned this Athar in their books as evidence proving that the righteous predecessors were among the great people who magnified Allah Almighty above anything else. This includes:
– The great scholar imam Abu al-Qasim al-Qushairi [D.365A.H] in his book "Al-Risalah al-Qushairiyah fi al-Suluk".
– The great scholar and orator of Sunnah of his own time, Abu Bakr al-Baqlani [D.403 A.H).
– The righteous imam, Ahmed al-Rafi’ al-Shafi’ in his book "al-Burhan al-Mu’ayd".
– Imam al-Tha’alabi in his book "al-Kashf wa al-Bayan. And he attributed this Athar to imam Ali ibn Abu Talib (may Allah honor him).
– Sheikh ibn ‘Ajibah attributed this Athar also to imam Ali in his book, "Iqaz al-Himam fi Sharh al-Hikam".

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