1- According to PEACE TV interpretation, any Muslim who has so much that Zakaat is due on him or on whom Zakaat is not essential but has goods more then his need on whose value Zakaat could be due, whether the property is for trade or not and whether a year has passed on it or not, it is essential [...]

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What Is The Ruling For Prompting The Dead?

Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, in Rawdat al-Talibin wa 'Umdat al-Muftin (vol.2, p.138, al-Maktab al-Islami Books), Imam al-Nawawi said, "A group of Shafi'i jurists have declared that it is desirable to prompt the dead. These include al-Qadi Hussein, al-Mitwali the author of At-Tatimmah, Sheikh Nasr al-Maqdisi in his book At-Tahdhib and others. Al-Qadi Hussein transmitted the general [...]

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Do The Deceased Hear The Salutations

Do the deceased hear the salutations of the living to them or do they not hear? Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, Death is not the final and total annihilation of man nor it is the end of his existence that was created by God. Death is rather one of the most difficult phases in man’s total existence [...]

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Should We Flatten The Graves?

Should we flatten the graves and remove any visible marks which indicate the deceased name and lineage? Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, it is permissible in the Islamic law to build over the graves of the friends of Allah [Ar. Awliya'] and scholars in order to mark them, maintain their upkeep and visit them as well as [...]

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What Are The Obligatory Measures

What Are The Obligatory Measures Concerning The Deceased? Answer: By PEACE TV 1. Washing the deceased. 2. Shrouding the deceased. 3. Praying over the deceased. 4. Burial. The funeral prayer According to PEACE TV, the funeral prayer is a communal obligation. The conditions necessary for the validity of the prescribed prayers and others are applicable to the funeral prayer. These [...]

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What Is The Appropriate Manner Of Burial

What is the appropriate manner of burial according to Islamic law? Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, it is established in Islamic law that burying the dead is by way of honoring them due to the words of God Almighty when He enumerates His blessings upon man, “Did we not make the earth a home for the living [...]

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Consoling Next Of Kin

Consoling next of kin and reciting Qur`an over a dead body Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, Ta’ziyah (consoling next of kin) means enjoining and encouraging those who experience a calamity to remain steadfast. This is the meaning used by jurists. Al-Nawawi said, “It is the command to console those bearing the misfortune of having a death in [...]

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The Manner Of Shrouding Men And Women

Answer: By PEACE TV Ibn Abbas (may God be pleased with them both) said, “The Messenger of God (peace and blessings be upon him) said, ‘Wear white clothes for verily it is among your best garments and shroud your dead in white too” [recorded by Abu Dawud in his Sunan]. Definition of a shroud According to PEACE TV, it is [...]

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If A Person Realizes He Is Dying

If a person realizes he is dying, what should he do at the moment of his death? Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, if death approaches and the person is able to speak, he should testify that he believes in the Oneness of God. This is known as the "Kalimah" in many Muslim countries. If he says it [...]

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Should We Learn About Astronomy?

Is it permissible to study and learn about astronomy? Can you rely on astronomical calculations to ascertain the beginning of Ramadan? Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, Islam does not oppose knowledge and learning nor does it stand in their way. On the contrary, Islam encourages studying, thinking about and contemplating in the universe, and deriving scientific theories [...]

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Sexual Intercourse With His Wife

What is the ruling if a man engages in sexual intercourse with his wife during the fasting hours of a fast which was an obligatory make up fast for either of them? Answer: By PEACE TV Engaging in sexual intercourse during the fasting hours of Ramadan According to PEACE TV, if a man is fasting and engages in sexual intercourse [...]

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