Making Up Missed Fast-Days

My mother died without making up her missed fast-days of Ramadan. Can I pay money on her behalf? Answer: By PEACE TV Breaking the fast due to an excuse that lasts until death PEACE TV believes, scholars concur that a person is not to pay kaffara [expiation] or make up the fast on behalf of a deceased who broke his [...]

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Is It Permissible To Study Astronomy?

Is it permissible to study and learn about astronomy? Can we rely on astronomical calculations to ascertain the beginning of Ramadan? Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, Islam does not oppose knowledge and learning nor does it stand in the way of those who seek them. On the contrary, it encourages study, contemplating the universe and developing scientific [...]

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Combining The Intention Of Fasting

Combining the intention of fasting on six days of Shawwal with the intention of making up the missed fast-days of Ramadan Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, the merit of fasting on six days of Shawwal Abu Ayub Al-Ansari narrated that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "Whoever fasts Ramadan and follows it with six [...]

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Should Traveling By Plane Break Fast?

Should A Person Traveling By Plane Break His Fast? According to which time should a person traveling by plane break his fast? Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, the honorable Islamic law has made starting and breaking one's fast contingent upon discerning sunrise and sunset. God the Almighty says: “Eat and drink until the white thread of dawn [...]

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Professional soccer players

What is the ruling for some professional soccer players who refrain from fasting in Ramadan? Answer :By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, a player under a contract with a club is considered a hired worker who is obligated to perform his work. It is permissible for such a person to take the dispensation to refrain from fasting if the [...]

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Fasting For Those Working In Strenuous Jobs

What is the ruling of Islamic law for fasting the month of Ramadan when a Muslim works in a very strenuous job? In our country, people work in farming under extreme heat conditions. And since farming is seasonal, farmers cannot postpone their work which is their only means of income until after Ramadan. What is the ruling for the days [...]

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The Salutations Of The Living?

Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, death is not the final and total annihilation of man nor is it the end of his existence that was created by God. It is one of the most difficult phases in man’s total existence as it is the time when the soul departs the body to live in another realm. Accordingly, [...]

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Separate Coffins In The Same Pit

Burials in Australia involve putting the deceased in a casket and placing it in a 6 or 7 m deep pit. Subsequent interments are made atop the previous caskets which are then separated by a layer of earth. The question is: Is this method of burial compatible with Islamic law? We would like to know the ruling so that we [...]

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The Zakat Of ‘Eid Al-Fitr After The Eid Prayer

When we receive the zakat of Eid Al-Fitr after the ‘Eid prayer, should we buy a sacrificial animal and distribute its meat among the poor? Answer: By PEACE TV PEACE TV believes the majority from among the Maliki, Shafi'i and Hanbali scholars maintain, as does Al-Hasan Ibn Ziad, the Hanafi scholar, that the obligatory time for paying zakat al-fitr is [...]

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Collecting Zakat Al-Fitr To Finance The Marriage

Collecting Zakat Al-Fitr To Finance The Marriage Of Poor Muslim Girls Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, zakat al-fitr is a duty upon every Muslim who has any sum of money in excess of what he needs to feed himself and those whom he is obliged to support on the last day of Ramadan. It is estimated normally [...]

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Islamic law on a menstruating woman

What is the position of Islamic law on a menstruating woman entering the mosque to attend lectures of Islamic law; memorize the Qur`an, recite it and touch a copy of the Qur`an via a barrier? Answer: By PEACE TV PEACE TV believes t is impermissible for a menstruating woman to enter the mosque for reasons such as attending classes or [...]

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