The parent-child relationship in Islam

The parent-child relationship in Islam Islam’s general approach to children may be summarized in a few principles. First, it is a divine injunction that no child may become the cause of harm to the parents. A. The child’s rights: The parent’s duties Allah, The Exalted, Says (what means): “Mothers may breastfeed their children two complete [...]

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Does Hijab Prevent Social Development?

People who are impressed with modern civilization believe that the Hijab (Islamic covering) is a sign of backwardness that prevents women from development and hampers their creativity and individuality. According to them, the Hijab is an obstacle that prevents women from progressing in the spheres of personal and social development. We ask these people: "What [...]

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The Company We Choose to Keep

Allah has blessed me with many wonderful friendships throughout my life. Most have served as a comforting, healing balm that has pulled me through some of the more difficult times of my life. Others have created so much drama and turmoil that I couldn't cut them loose fast enough! I have friendships that have followed [...]

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The House During Ramadan

 One of the favors that Allah could bestow upon a Muslim is to prolong his life until he reaches the month of Ramadan and then enables him to fast it and pray the optional night prayers during it. Rewards for good deeds in this month are multiplied; ranks are elevated; and Allah frees many people [...]

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What After Ramadan?

Ramadan is a level playing field wherein people compete with each other in good deeds and benevolence. During this blessed month, souls are trained in virtue and accustomed to dignity, they learn to disdain vices, sins and acquire all good attributes. Whoever witnesses this month without gaining any of its rewards is indeed poor, and [...]

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Husband Drinks and Does Not Pray

Question I have been married for three years. A week after our marriage, my husband told me that he drinks. I was shocked to my core, but I thought that this could be fixed as he told me that he planned to quit within a year. He told me to take off my hijab because [...]

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Feeling That In-laws Control Couple’s Life

Question Assalamu alaykum. I am having marriage issues because of the interference of my in-laws and I wonder how to deal with this. I am from the UK, my husband is from abroad and feels obligated to keep sending money to his family who are extremely wealthy already. The grandfather, who owns many properties in [...]

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Husband Neglects Wife and Two Kids

Question  Assalaamu alaykum. May Allah reward you! I have been married for five years now and have two kids. My husband lives abroad and never calls me. He has not come for a year now. He only takes care of his family even though he has brothers, and he always ignores me for his family. [...]

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Daughter Feels Oppressed by Father

Question I do not even know where to start. My parents have been very abusive ever since a young age. They had a very bad marriage relationship that affected us badly. My dad had some mental issues before. When he was younger, he used to take it all out on us in our early childhood [...]

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Lacking Means to Advance in Way of Allah

Question Assalamu alaykum. If you want to move forward and progress in Allah's way but the necessary factors are missing, could it be a punishment or that you are getting no further guidance? In Islam, we are told that in order to be successful on this path, we need certain things. The need to be [...]

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Hating oneself – Lost Identity

Question I hate myself so much. I am a girl that did not live like a regular girl. My family enforced the hijab on me by beating and harassing me. In order to enforce my obedience, they grounded me for a week just to cover my face. I wear the hijab regularly, but I hate [...]

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