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The true faith (Eemaan)

The word, Eemaan literally means, “to know,” “to believe,” to put one’s trust in something or someone.” In Islamic Sharee’ah (legislation), Eemaan means putting one’s entire trust in, and having complete faith in Allah, His Prophet and His message. Therefore, one who puts his entire trust in Allah should not only testify to his faith [...]

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Marriage and social duties of Muslims

The foremost and fundamental institution of human society is the family unit. A family is established by the coming together of a man and a woman, and their contact brings into existence a new generation. It then produces ties of kinship and community, which gradually develop into a large society. The family is the institution [...]

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Married life extravagance and stinginess

The following are phrases often heard from one spouse about the other: “My husband is stingy”; “My husband does not buy me my necessities”; “My husband gives money to his family and does not give me anything”; “My wife exaggerates in her spending”; “My wife does not care about saving, nor does she care how [...]

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The rights of the husband upon the wife

The rights of the husband upon his wife are greater than the rights of the wife upon her husband for the simple reason that Allah, the Almighty, stated in the Glorious Quran what means: “…And due to the wives is similar to what is expected of them, according to what is reasonable. But the men [...]

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The rights of the wife upon her husband

Financial rights The wife is naturally entitled for food, clothing, housing and other related items with expenses to be born by the husband. This natural right has been given by Allah Almighty to the wife based on the following verse from the Glorious Quran (which means): “Mothers may breastfeed their children two complete years for [...]

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Preparing for puberty

Learn why it is so important to talk to your child about sexuality from an Islamic perspective, and how you can help take the lows out of growing-up. Talking to teenager about sexuality Your child has just turned 11 years old; over time you begin to notice subtle changes in the way that she looks, [...]

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A Happy Home

Allah The Almighty Says (what means): {And Allah has made for you from your homes a place of rest.}[Quran 16:80] You have told the truth, O our Lord! The home is a place of rest, stability, comfort, reassurance, safety and tranquility, in which we live, and with which we protect ourselves from the heat of [...]

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Amending the husband

The husband is the family's fundament, basis of stability and blissfulness; he is the spring of optimism and hope for the family. To talk about amending the family without the husband being part of it is to be sure that reformation will not take place. The family will never attain stability and righteousness as long [...]

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Amending the wife

The household is a huge institution which contains many sub-institutions, like the institution of upbringing, the institution of supplies and food, the institution of social relations, and the institution of entertainment. The wife heads all of these institutions. It is of no significance to try to amend the household without amending the wife, and to [...]

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Safety tips for Muslim women

As Muslims and their institutions become targets of harassment in the wake of the September 11 terrorist attack, Muslim women, especially those who dress Islamically, have become major targets. Reports of Muslim women being yelled at, threatened, having their Hijabs pulled off and having guns pointed at them have surfaced. It is necessary that the [...]

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Improper intermingling between sexes

The greatest and most important of all the favors and blessings bestowed by Allah is Islam and the honorable Islamic law, which is derived from the Book of Allah and the Prophetic Sunnah. This Law has outlined all that which is beneficial for mankind in this life and the Hereafter. One of the virtues of [...]

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