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Kinship Rights-I

In this article, we will discuss a great and noble duty that Allah The Almighty has made obligatory for spouses. Muslim homes cannot be reformed and love and affection cannot prevail in them unless this duty is perfectly fulfilled in a way that satisfies Allah. Allah The Almighty instructs His slaves to fear Him and [...]

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Everything in the Universe tends to be Covered

Allah The Almighty safeguarded the Earth with the atmosphere before women lived on it wearing Hijab (Islamic covering). The Earth with its atmosphere; all types of living cells; and all parts of the plants ranging from seeds to fruits – are all covered. A caterpillar starts its life in a cocoon; the skin covers the [...]

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A Practical Program for Raising Children

There is no doubt that children are the comfort of one's eyes and a source of happiness. Life becomes pleasant with children on whom one’s hopes are pinned. While the father sees in his children a source of support, aid, and power, the mother sees in them hope, happiness of the heart, and security in [...]

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Beating the Child

“My children do not listen to anything I say. What should I do? Although I know that it is a wrong method, I usually scold and beat my children. I usually feel angry with them and then with myself. I can not bear this type of life; there must be another solution.” With these words, [...]

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The mother of my child

I'm not a mother. But I've been blessed with a great one for almost a quarter century. That's education enough, at least for one thing: Choosing a partner who embodies the top four qualities I believe a mother must have to help their Muslim children, in the words of the Quran (which mean), {"He made [...]

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Nourish Your Child’s Body and Mind

As parents, we try to protect our children from anything and everything that we feel may harm them. We warn them of the dangers of strangers; we teach them the importance of safety on the playground and during other outdoor activities; we caution them about crossing the street. But how much care and concern do [...]

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The Key to Paradise

Imagine: There is a path to Paradise and as we move along the path, with the very first step we find a huge signboard on which the following is written: "Hijab…the key to Paradise." Naturally, in order to gain entry to Paradise, we have to know the merits and characteristics of Hijab (Islamic covering). Hijab [...]

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Advice for Women from the Prophet

• The Messenger of Allah said: "If a woman performs the five (obligatory) prayers, fasts the month (of Ramadan), maintains her chastity and obeys her husband, it will be said to her (on the Day of Judgment), 'Enter Paradise from whichever gate you like'." [Ibn Hibban] [Al-Albani: Saheeh] • The Messenger of Allah said: "O company [...]

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Common Mistakes in Raising Children

Having difficulty dealing with children has become a widespread phenomenon. Many parents seem to be quite at loss when it comes to enforcing good morals in their children. Research has shown that some parents use fruitless styles to achieve this goal.  There are certain common mistakes parents make in bringing up their children -- both [...]

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Parents: Precious Blessings in our Life

Allah, The Almighty, has made our parents the cause of our existence and made them the source of providing us with unparalleled love and a sound upbringing. However, when we grow up, we tend to forget the period of our infancy and childhood and disregard their efforts. What ingratitude can be worse than this? The [...]

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Early Childhood: The Best Period to Build Faith

The early years— we do not exaggerate if we say the early moments— of the child’s life are the best and most important periods to build up the aspects of faith in the child and instill the creed of Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism) and knowing Allah, the Almighty, in him. Therefore, the Prophet instructed Muslims to [...]

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