Keep Away from Enmity

The Muslim has a mission in his life, and is required to be effective, active, tolerant and social, mixing with other people and dealing with them with tolerance and in accordance with the worthy Islamic attitudes and behavior. Allah Almighty Says (what means): "And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah [...]

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Fascination with this world

The life of this world is fleeting and is often focused on materialism – it is so easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of it all – but how does that affect our faith? We all love this life to some extent or another – our homes, our cars, and most of all [...]

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Celebrating Mother’s Day and Family Day

An article was published by An-Nadwah newspaper on 30/11/1384 A.H. entitled Takreem Al-Umm wa Takreem Al-Usrah (Honoring The Mother and The Family). The writer appreciated some aspects of the Western innovation of allocating one day during the year to mothers. He mentioned something that was overlooked by the people who introduced this day, namely, the [...]

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Staying spiritually afloat

Like many Muslims today, I struggle with constancy in the remembrance of my Creator. I stay mostly mindful of being His servant, often finding myself subconsciously glorifying His name. But just as regularly I lapse and suddenly realize that my heart has slipped away, like the spinning helm of great wooden ship in a storm. [...]

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Conditions of Repentance

Humankind is encouraged to seek the forgiveness of Allah The Almighty and repent sincerely for their sins and mistakes so that they may receive His Mercy. However, there are five conditions of repentance, which must be met for one's repentance to be accepted. First: The most important condition for the acceptance of one's repentance is [...]

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The Glory of Faith

Haaroon Ar-Rasheed once stood looking at the sky when he saw a cloud passing by. He addressed it saying, “Rain wherever you wish, for your fruit will certainly come to me anyway.” This means that the cloud would have rained either on an Islamic land or on a non-Islamic one. In the first case, Muslims [...]

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The Best Ways to Increase Your Provision

The Prophet informed us that when the fetus in its mother’s womb is four months old, Allah The Almighty sends an angel to breathe the soul into it and write down its provision, its lifespan and its deeds, and whether it is doomed or blessed. Provision is also written down and connected to the means [...]

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