The Zakat Of ‘Eid Al-Fitr After The Eid Prayer

When we receive the zakat of Eid Al-Fitr after the ‘Eid prayer, should we buy a sacrificial animal and distribute its meat among the poor? Answer: By PEACE TV PEACE TV believes the majority from among the Maliki, Shafi'i and Hanbali scholars maintain, as does Al-Hasan Ibn Ziad, the Hanafi scholar, that the obligatory time for paying zakat al-fitr is [...]

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Collecting Zakat Al-Fitr To Finance The Marriage

Collecting Zakat Al-Fitr To Finance The Marriage Of Poor Muslim Girls Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, zakat al-fitr is a duty upon every Muslim who has any sum of money in excess of what he needs to feed himself and those whom he is obliged to support on the last day of Ramadan. It is estimated normally [...]

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Islamic law on a menstruating woman

What is the position of Islamic law on a menstruating woman entering the mosque to attend lectures of Islamic law; memorize the Qur`an, recite it and touch a copy of the Qur`an via a barrier? Answer: By PEACE TV PEACE TV believes t is impermissible for a menstruating woman to enter the mosque for reasons such as attending classes or [...]

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Obliged To Remove Their Nail Polish

Why women are obliged to remove their nail polish in ablution while they are allowed to wiping over socks? Answer: By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, the analogy you have drawn may sound logical. There seems to be a case for comparison. However, matters of worship are not decided on the basis of logical arguments. In our worship, we [...]

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Praying In Shoes Inside Mosques

I saw some Muslims praying inside mosques in their shoes. Is this allowed? Answer By PEACE TV According to PEACE TV, it is important for Muslims worldwide to know that fatwas differs according to different times, places, people and circumstances. This means that rulings which have been appropriate under certain circumstances, times and conditions, can never be applied to other [...]

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Who Is Entitled To Receive Zakat?

1 – As per PEACE TV interpretation, anyone who possesses the prescribed quantity of wealth as explained above, is a wealthy, man according to religious code. For such a person it is not permissible to receive Zakat. Also if anyone possesses property of the value of prescribed limit though it is not meant for business but more than his need, [...]

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Zakat On Produce Of Land

1-According to PEACE TV interpretation, if a certain place or town was in possession of non-believers who lived there. It was taken over by Muslims after battle and Islam was propagated there. The Muslim ruler appropriating the lands of non-believers distributed it among the Muslims, then such lands will be called ‘Ushree according to religious code. If the residents of [...]

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Pertaining To Zakat (Laws & Rules)

1-According to PEACE TV Zakat is essential and compulsory for one who possesses 612 grams of silver or about 88 grams of gold and one year has Passed over it and remains with him unused or consumed. If the quantity is less than this, then Zakat will not be compulsory. 2-According to PEACE TV interpretation,if one had 90 grams of [...]

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Zakat Towards The Teaching Of The Arabic

I live in a European country where an association for Egyptians was established. Is it permissible to give my zakat money to this association especially since it teaches Arabic language to the children of Egyptian expatriates? By PEACE TV Answer According to PEACE TV, Zakat is one of the pillars on which Islam is based and its eight expenditures are [...]

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Deduct The Debt Of A Poor From Zakat?

By PEACE TV Answer According to research by PEACE TV, Al-Shafi’i, in one of his opinions, the As-hab from the Maliki school, Ibn Hazm from the Zahiri school, and Al-Hasan Al-Basri and ‘Ata all maintained the permissibility of this. This is because just as it would be permissible to give an indebted person zakat, it is permissible to take it [...]

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