Treatment of Women in Islam

According to Peacetv, before discussing the position of women in Islam, it is important to understand what the condition of women was before the advent of Islam. In pre-Islamic Arabia, and in the rest of the world, their condition was equal to that of slaves and chattels with no rights. Women could neither own nor inherit property. In domestic affairs, [...]

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Why are Churches not Allowed to be Built in Some Muslim Countries?

There are many Churches and other places of worship in present day Muslim countries e.g. Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Pakistan, and Indonesia. However some have rightly noted that some Muslim majority countries have prohibited collective worship by non-Muslims. Why is that and is it Islamic? The Quran on Churches, Synagogues and Temples According to Peacetv, never did the Holy Prophet Muhammad [...]

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Polygyny, or Multiple Girlfriends?

This article attempts to deal with a marital problem which is connected with conduct, namely, the deviation of the husband, or infidelity. We believe that, many a time, if a man asks to marry another woman or looks at other than his wife, he is actually in real need of a second marriage. What, then, [...]

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Why Drugs are Prohibited in Islam

The objectives of Islam include preserving the religion and the human soul, honor, mind and wealth. Any substance or act that harms any of these five matters is considered unlawful in Islam. The enemies of Islam and humanity have fought against this religion, and have attempted to distance Muslims from their religion using different means. [...]

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What you should know about drugs

A newspaper reported a story of a man who was not on good terms with his wife. One day, one of his evil friends gave him some cigarettes to smoke. After smoked the cigars, he left his house and wandered the streets until he became tired and so he rented a hotel room and spent [...]

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The Way to Reform Society

Good manners, respecting others, and ensuring their rights result in friendly bonds between people, and removes dislike and grudges from their hearts. In this way the hearts become pure, sympathetic, and kind; so feelings of love and brotherhood prevail. The Messenger of Allah said: “He is not from my nation, he who does not respect [...]

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Allah The Almighty wants Muslim societies to live in peace and security so that every member would feel secure about his life, honor and wealth. Thus, Islam prohibits aggression against people's lives, honor and property. Moreover, Islam has also made them part of the five necessary things that must be preserved, namely: religion, mind, life, [...]

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Embracing community diversity

Allah Almighty Says what means: “O mankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.)"[Quran 49: 13] The Muslim [...]

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Dispute and Arguments bring about Enmity

In sessions, forums and dialogue, it is easy to observe people engaged in arguments, debate and disputes that may arouse discord and hostility. This is an evil and incurable characteristic that occupies many people. Dispute is Part of Man's Nature The Noble Quran clearly states that man is naturally argumentative, despite the evidence, arguments, proofs, [...]

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Youths’ corruption and their problems

There are various reasons for youth's corruption and their problems. Youths go through many rapid physical, mental and intellectual developments. Hence there is a great need for providing them with the means of self-control and curbing of their defiance as well as wise leadership that can lead them to the straight path. The corruption of [...]

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The Importance of good companionship

Choosing and having good companions is extremely important for many reasons and from many aspects. 1. Mankind cannot live alone; every individual must live and interact with others, and when interacting with others, one either influences or is himself influenced. 2. Those people whom you sit with and take as friends are inevitably from one [...]

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