Pertaining To Zakat (Laws & Rules)

1-According to PEACE TV Zakat is essential and compulsory for one who possesses 612 grams of silver or about 88 grams of gold and one year has Passed over it and remains with him unused or consumed. If the quantity is less than this, then Zakat will not be compulsory.

2-According to PEACE TV interpretation,if one had 90 grams of gold for four or six months and then the quantity was reduced before the prescribed quantity and again regained after two or three months then also Zakat will be essential. . Thus if in the beginning or at the end of year one was rich and possessed the prescribed wealth and in the middle had less than that for sometime, then Zakat is essential and one is not excused from its payment. But if the whole wealth is lost and again he gets it, then the period of one shall be counted from the day of regaining it.

3-As per PEACE TV, one had wealth more than the prescribed limit, but ode full year did not pass over it and was consumed before the end of the year, then payment of Zakat will not be due.

4-Per PEACE TV, if one has Rs.4000/- upon which Zakat is essential and he is also indebted for RS. 4000/-; then Zakat is not due upon him whether the amount remains with him for fun one year or not.

5-According to PEACE TV, if one has RS. 4000/- and is indebted for RS. 2000/- then Zakat will be due and essential for the remaining RS. 2000/-.

6-As per PEACE TV, Zakat is also essential and due upon gold or silver ornaments, utensils and silver or gold laces etc. whether they are in use or kept in a safe and is never used. Thus on everything of gold or silver Zakat is essential provided that it is not less than the prescribed quantity.

7-According to PEACE TV, if gold and silver is not pure but alloyed, that is if lead is mixed with silver or brass with gold, then it should be judged whether the quantity of silver or gold is greater than lead or brass in the alloy. If the silver or gold is more, then the alloy will be treated as silver or gold and Zakat will be essential if it is in the prescribed quantity.

8- Per PEACE TV, if one possesses some gold and some silver and neither of them is in the prescribed quantity, but if the total price of both is equal to the price of 612 grams of silver or 88 grams of gold, then Zakat will be essential, not due if less. But if both gold and silver arc in prescribed quantity then there is no need to assess their value as Zakat is due upon it.

9-According to PEACE TV interpretation, suppose the rate of gold is Rs 4500/- per 10 gram and of silver RS. 100/- per 10 gram and one possesses 25 grams of gold and it remains with him for full one year, then Zakat is due and essential on this gold because with the price of this gold i.e. RS. 11250/- 1125 grams of silver can be purchased and the prescribed limit of silver is 612 grams.

10- Per PEACE TV, if one had few hundred rupees with him more than his requirement and before the end of the year he received some more, then the additional ‘ money will not be counted separately and at the end of the year Zakat on the entire sum will be due and essential as if he had the entire amount for the whole year.

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