A Quranic Perspective

According to Peacetv, the Quranic word ‘Al-Ebadah’ means the act of worship. To most people the act of worship is primarily prostrating and observing the prayer. However, the Quran enlightens us that the act of worship is a much more profound concept than just the act of prayer. The words of God to His chosen Prophet Moses were:

I am God, there is no god except Me. Therefore, you shall worship Me and observe the Salat to commemorate Me. 20:14

The words “worship Me” and “observe the Salat”, which are spoken of as separate acts, tell us that worshipping God is not confined to the ritual of Salat.

Whilst the Salat is a specific ritual decreed for specific times of the day, the act of worship is an uninterrupted state of the mind, body and soul. It is an exalted spiritual awareness and acceptance of God in our lives. In this sense, the act of worship is a very much needed nourishment for our souls. Without the act of worship, dedicated exclusively to God alone, one is unable to attain inner peace, and ultimately, true happiness. Our physical bodies, by submitting to God’s will, are in a perpetual state of worship. All our body organs and tissue are ordained to function in a meticulous pre-ordained manner designed by God, over which we have no control whatsoever. Every organ and cycle in our body is in a ceaseless state of submission to the will of God. However, our souls are given the freedom of choice. If our souls choose the same route as our ordained bodies, harmony will be struck between body and soul, the reward of which will be true happiness. On the other hand if our souls are rebellious, unappreciative or egoistic and elect not to worship God, we would never attain true happiness no matter the extent of our material possessions.

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