How Do You Face Good and Bad Times?

The more one ponders over the apparent and hidden favours from Allah The Almighty upon him, the more he will realise that his Lord has granted him abundant blessings and protected him from a number of evils; this will certainly remove grief and anxiety and bring happiness and contentment.Thus, take heed of the advice of [...]

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The Practice of Self-Purification – I

Lexically, the Arabic word `tazkiyah' means purification and development—of anything—to the level of perfection. As a Quranic term, it expresses a way of ridding ourselves of flawed tendencies and leanings as well as providing one with the means to attain piety and to help our souls develop to become as perfect as humanly possible. In [...]

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Why do we delay repentance?

Repentance is ultimately the goal that we all seek. All sane people are conscious of their numerous sins, and those who believe in Allah and His Messenger (may Allah exalt his mention) recognize that they will be held accountable for their sins, and therefore desire to be free of the evil consequences of their misdeeds. [...]

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A wise person should not be satisfied with his or her present circumstances; rather, he or she should continually aspire to achieve noble aims and seek self-improvement. If he or she attains a certain status, he or she must look forward to achieving an even higher one. Undeniably, this has to be done without demonstrating [...]

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The Prophet’s Teachings

There is a large collection of the Prophet's  ideas, thoughts, instructions, teachings, beliefs, morals, manners and principles. The greatness and glory of Islam rests upon these ideals. Only a portion of them are listed here. Purity of Self 1. Wise is he who regards himself small, and performs deeds that are useful after death; foolish [...]

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Maintaining Discipline in Worship

'Abdullah would rise before Fajr (dawn) each morning and rush to the Mosque to offer the prayer. He would return to the Mosque for Maghrib (sunset) and 'Ishaa' (evening) prayers as well. He read the Quran daily. He studied other Islamic books in his spare time. He spent much of his free time with his [...]

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Enhancing zuhd in Ramadan

Let us welcome the blessed month of Ramadan this time with a fresh commitment to our Merciful Creator and Sustainer to reorient our lives in His way. The most salient lesson of this month of divine training for the believers is self-restraint and abstinence. As we train ourselves in abstinence from the necessities of life [...]

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The Trade of Sincere Muslims

There is no doubt that the reward of Allah The Almighty is better and more lasting than any worldly benefit. Allah, the Exalted, Says (what means): {But what is with Allah is better and more lasting for those who have believed and upon their Lord rely.} [Quran 42: 36] Indeed, one's good deeds are generously [...]

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